Cursive writing is becoming a skill of the past, which unfortunately does not reflect positively on our children's learning and motor skills. Results from several studies have shown that both children and adults learn more and remember better when writing by hand. The intricate hand movements and the shaping of letters are beneficial in several ways. If you use a keyboard, you use the same movement for each letter. Writing by hand requires control of your fine motor skills and senses. It's important to put the brain in a learning state as often as possible.

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In Class or Online


One on One

1 HR/Week = $210/Month

2 HRS/Week = $380/Month

Small Group

2 Students

1 HR/Week = $160/Month

2 HRS/Week = $310/Month

Small Group

3-4 Students

1 HR/Week = $135/Month

2 HRS/Week = $280/Month