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We searched high and low to make sure your kids have the best educators. Let meet them!



Stephanie, a certified BC teacher, graduated from SFU with a Bachelor of Education.

She has over 15 years working with children in various settings, and is currently a full time elementary school teacher.

She believes in teaching with a caring approach to each individual student. She enjoys working at tutoring and enrichment centres because they provide the opportunity to work one-on-one with students to help them reach their full potential.



Gleb completed A levels in England in 2010 and then moved to the United States, where he received an award and a scholarship for outstanding performance and interest in Mathematics and earned his BSc degree in Mathematics.

He then received his undergraduate degree and decided to pursue further education in Canada, where he received a graduate entrance scholarship from SFU.

After obtaining his MSc degree in Mathematics from SFU, he began teaching. After graduation, Gleb worked at SFU, Fraser International College, and Coquitlam College and has taught SAT Math as well as AP Calculus.



Emily obtained her degree in Sociology at the University of British Columbia with focus in Early Childhood Education.

She is patient and empathetic, and understands that each child has different needs and personalities. It is her priority to create a safe and comfortable environment to best help your children learn the fundamentals of math



Irina has been working with kids for 5 years, as an educator in various learning facilities. When it comes to her teaching style, the kids' sparkling eyes and big smiles after her classes says it all. 

Her favorite part about teaching is seeing her students' learn new ideas and concepts without feeling frustrated. She manages to turn all her lessons into fun activities, where the student gets to learn in a stress free environment and then wants to come back to school over and over again. 

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