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Want to be part of a fun and elite club?

Look no further! Our chess club helps kids make friends, learn strategy and patience, and be part of healthy competitions. 

As a parent, many of you think about your child’s future, and how you can help him/her go in the right way. Many of us wouldn't think of chess as an essential practice for expanding our learning, but it is.

Chess is a fair game, it’s your kid, the board, and the other kid, no physical contact, only the battle of minds. Not only does chess raise your child's IQ, increase creativity, memory, and concentration - it also helps prevent Alzheimer's, teaches planning and foresight, improves problem-solving skills, and exercises both sides of the brain!


This class is for kids ages 5+.

A typical chess class would include theory discussion, brain twisters, and of course several games! 

Call us for a free trial class!

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