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Children’s brains can uniquely absorb information during the critical toddler phase. If intelligence is defined as the ability to learn, toddlers may be the most intelligent humans on the planet. Our one-of-a-kind program for kids ages 2-4 is the perfect combination of learning and fun.


This class focuses on early brain development and perfecting fine motor skills.​​ During a typical toddler class, the teacher will provide a number of different activities for the student to try. Activities may include playing with various materials, shapes, numbers, letters, scissor work, modeling clay, gluing, puzzles, and sensory bins, as well as, some time spent on pencil control and working in a specially designed workbook. Our toddler workbooks may include tracing, coloring, number and letter introduction, science exploration, poem/riddle memorization, and more. 

This class is perfect for parents who want their children to thrive and assist their brain development in a positive way. Help them get a headstart on their education today!

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