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Computer Programming


Our unique coding program for kids allows your children to learn basic programming skills and apply them to solve real-world problems, work with robots, and make computer games!


In this course, your child will master computational concepts and develop basic programming skills, as well as, basic electronics and computer science principles. By the end of the course, they will be able to write small programs to accomplish useful goals and even develop 2d and 3d interactive games. 

LEVEL 1: Junior Robotics and Programming Foundations 

- Lego WeDo activities

- Scratch-Jr 

- Micro:bit Blocks 

- Basic Drawing (for algorithm visualization) 

- Basic Typing Skills 

- Fundamental Computer Logic Concepts 

LEVEL 2: Block-based  


- Scratch (Advanced features) 

- Micro:bit Blocks (Complex functionalities) 

- Typing (Intermediate skills) 

LEVEL 3: Programming Fundamentals 


- Python (Using the Turtle module for graphics and drawing) 

- p5js (Introductory JavaScript with a focus on creative coding) 

- Micro:bit JavaScript 

LEVEL 4: Web & Game Development 

- Python (Focused on game development libraries like Pygame) 

- JavaScript (Furthering skills for web interactivity) 

- HTML/CSS (Introduction to web page structuring and design) 

LEVEL 5: Advanced Language Mastery 

- C# (Introduction and basic applications, possibly with Unity for game development) 
- Python (Advanced topics, data structures, and libraries)

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